About us
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Japan House Scandinavia is a non-profit, nationally and politically independent member based association founded on 22 April 2021 with the objective to establish a Japan House in Scandinavia, a Japanese-Swedish/Scandinavian meeting point and enhance social, economic and cultural relations between Japan and Sweden/Scandinavia.

We aim to set up Japan House Scandinavia in the spirit of the Japan-EU EPA (Economic Partnership Agreement), the Japan-EU SPA (Strategic Partnership Agreement) and the Japan-EU Green Alliance to further develop the Malmö-Lund area as a Japanese Hub within Scandinavia and the EU. Sweden, Denmark and Norway equals, with Finland included, the market size of South Korea or Russia in terms of GDP, and is larger than Spain. Malmö and Lund have together with their surrounding cities more than 4 million inhabitants and direct flights to Tokyo from Copenhagen Airport. Business and research relations are strong. Topics like ‘Ageing’, ‘Materials Science’, ‘Sustainability’ and ‘Artificial Intelligence’ are of common interest, shown in the research collaboration MIRAI 2.0 between Swedish and Japanese universities. Many Japanese companies operate in Scandinavia. We wish more to come and help them. Many Scandinavian companies operate in Japan. Through Japan House we want more to discover Japan as an important market and help them to startup and grow. But it is not all about economy. Japan and Scandinavia, as part of the EU, are close allies. We want to enhance the social and cultural relations. Japan House Scandinavia is more than a symbol. It aims to be a link in Japan’s European structure and part of the Swedish/ Scandinavian efforts to be present in Japan with a close relation to the planned ”House of Sweden Tokyo” in the Swedish embassy building.